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Braddon Capital is a boutique corporate advisory firm. We have developed an extremely extensive network of Fund Managers, Investors (HNW and UHNW), capital partners, investor relations consultants and brokers across Australia, New Zealand and the USA. These networks provide the capacity to bring in pre-seed, seed, expansion (pre-IPO) and IPO funding as required. Braddon has in-house experience in listed capital markets stretching over 18 years and including deep knowledge of the ASX, NSX, NZX and NASDAQ exchanges. 

Braddon Capital also offers a unique strategic services focused on assisting founders and owners of businesses

and their Management Teams to understand:


  • opportunities presenting and their risks

  • the situation they are currently in and where to travel next

  • the resources and talent needed for their agreed direction


In addition, Braddon has pre-arranged accounting and legal networks in Tasmania, Victoria, New Zealand and the USA with specific capability to support any growth, expansion or ASX or NASDAQ Listing projects. This support is so vital in ensuring early-stage and growth companies maintain proper records, protect their IP and have an investible capital structure. This all serves to ensure they are investor, acquisition or exit ready.

Corporate consulting
mergers & Aquisitions
financial Investments



Braddon Capital can assist you to develop a strategic plan for growth, become “investor ready” and identify the appropriate investors to provide funds for future growth.

Our services include:

  • Strategic planning

  • Business and Owner Succession Planning

  • Financial advice and support

  • Capital & corporate structuring and restructuring

  • Financing options and negotiations (banks and capital markets)

  • Sale and purchase of businesses (full M & A service with global reach)

  • Turnaround strategies & implementation

  • Operational performance reviews & improvement plans and project support

  • CEO and CFO Support Services – coaching/mentoring and direct intervention in the business to get things back on track

  • Coaching & mentoring for Chairs, Boards & Management teams

Corporate Consulting


Strategic Planning

Braddon Capital offers first class, practical and affordable Strategic Planning consulting services. Our point of difference is the ability to not only help Plan development, but also provide the resources and capability to ensure initiatives are implemented and outcomes achieved. 

Your growth pillars

Braddon Capital can help you position your business for growth – whether that be for high-growth early-stage expansion or for more mature businesses to explore and decide upon the basis and resources needed for growth.


Strategy formulation

Clearly articulating a corporate strategy for growth is key to gaining and sustaining a high-performance advantage. Braddon Capital can help build a concise or detailed Strategic Plan for your business. We do this based on a foundation of REALITY. We must all agree on the starting situation, the goals, the capability that exists and the way to bridge implementation gaps identified.

An important part of the strategy is an organisation’s formula: the unique product/service propositions that will help the company achieve growth. The formula must communicate a clear focus and its market proposition must be responsive to customer needs. It is imperative that Management is aligned, knows what to do and is capable in implementation and project management. We can assist with monitoring, reporting or interventions.

Capability to implement

The means and resources required to meet growth needs and realise full growth potential. Even with a strong commitment to growth, a great growth strategy and a valuable formula, the organisation must possess the appropriate capability to implement. Management processes and infrastructure must be in place to support agreed growth objectives.

Commitment to achieve

The conviction to grow and an organisation-wide focus on growth. Strong leadership, effective communication and employee motivation are key to developing commitment across the company. Management must possess a deep belief that growth drives value creation. 

Strategic Planning


Succession Planning

We also provide unique Succession Planning services focused on a strategic review of the current and developing business and talent environment.

We will work with you and your family members, as well as current and potential management teams to provide a pathway to a profitable and harmonious future by:

  • ensuring seamless transition of businesses and assets to family members

  • bringing in professional managers to businesses to maximise returns for family beneficiaries

  • progressively selling or liquidating their businesses to instead establish ongoing wealth and benefits to family members and identified beneficiaries including philanthropic causes


This service draws upon over 50 years in-house experience in strategic- planning, succession planning, wills and estate planning, wealth management and transfer.

Succsession planning


Mergers &

Braddon Capital has partnered with Divest Merge Acquire (DMA) to provide transaction advisory services for Australian business divestments, mergers and acquisitions. DMA’s process is driven by industry-leading marketing capabilities and backed by an experienced team of accountants and industry executives. DMA is an exclusive Australian partner firm of the World M&A Alliance and has close ties to other international M&A organisations including Corporate Finance International and independent firms.

Our role typically involves:

  • Understanding your acquisition strategy and target profiles

  • Prepare marketing material, setting out the criteria and attributes of the target/s for your approval 

  • Confidential and direct approaches to identified targets

  • Arrangement of appropriate confidentiality Advantages of the DMA Approach


DMA’s mergers and acquisitions transaction advisory services are the national benchmark for the sale and acquisition of businesses in the $1M - $100M+ range. 

Through Divest Merge Acquire - Braddon Capital, we have  strong professional relationships with many M&A firms and networks throughout the world are made available to engaged clients.

This allows the confidential presentation of opportunities to the global stage.


DMA is the exclusive Australian partner firm of the World M&A Alliance. World M&A Alliance is an international cooperation of independent M&A advisory firms, each having a strong track record in their home market. Through World M&A Alliance, the firms closely work together on cross-border merger & acquisition and corporate finance opportunities. World M&A Alliance has offices in various countries within Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

Mergers & Acquisitions



Braddon Capital has extensive capital networks and we can assist both public and private companies to raise capital to fund growth or change the share register.

Our services include:

  • Strategic advice on capital raising

  • Restructuring advice and project planning

  • Assistance with indicative valuations and pricing for capital-raisings

  • Preparation of information memorandums, prospectuses and other documents

  • Introduction to potential investors, high net worth individuals and/or private equity firms

  • Introduction to brokers, underwriters, merchant bankers and investment bankers

  • Co-ordination of due diligence activities

  • Project management of the overall capital raising process

Capital Raising


Chair, Board, CEO & CFO Support Services

Braddon Capital has the experience and capability to support corporate governance reviews and improvements. We have direct experience in being Chairs, Directors, CEOs and Company Secretaries. We have seen what works and what does not. We have worked on the most complex governance issues and stand ready to assist you with practical counselling and support services. We possess a comprehensive kit of practical Board support materials, ready for you to access and deploy.

Chair Board CEO CFO Suppprt Services
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